•             The semi-trailer is used for lifting and carrying two 20ft containers or one 40ft container in port, station and freight yard, the trailer’s hydraulic system power is from PTO in tractor truck, it can be operated both wireless remote control and manual operation.


            The Towering Mount Tai is No.1 among the five Holy Mountains which are being called WUYUE in China. Mount Tai was listed as natural and cultural heritage because of its mighty grandness, broad and profound connotation. China National Heavy Duty Truck Group Taian Wuyue Special Vehicle Co., Ltd is located at the foot of mount Tai, where of beautiful scenery, Human outstanding earth deities, nice environment, and convenient transportation.  

            China National Heavy Duty Truck Group Taian Wuyue Special Vehicle Co., Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of CNHTC, established in 1950. It has developed from a small farm tools factory with 28 employees become equipped with special Purpose vehicles, Special vehicles and military vehicles, all together, three series, over 300 varieties of products. It is a large state-owned enterprise now.

            Holding “To put people in the first, to be SINOTRUK of honesty and credibility” as company tenet, “Products are made with morality and personality, and dedicative to the society” as company value,“Grasp quality; increase sales and effectiveness; improve the management level, improve the level of technology, improve the income of employees” as working policy, “Increase sales, reduce cost and strengthen enterprise synchronously” as development concept,  “Be realistic and pragmatic, strictly strengthen management, insist constantly innovation and strive for excellence” as management philosophy, the company is achieving the new pace development, which are continuous, stable and healthy.

            In terms of scale, This Manufacturer is the largest in CNHTC; Domestically Speaking, the company is the first enterprise who innovated in researching and developing dump trucks and the first TS362 heavy duty dump truck was born here in this manufacturer, also because of top quality, it is being treated as the only semitrailer export base of Sinotruk. It has domestic first-class R&D and Manufacturing Capacities. As for refitting vehicles, Chassis from SINOTRUK, HOWO and other Domestic Main Engine Plants are being selected and adopted.

            The dump truck products, loading capacity from 5t to 50t, have more than 100 varieties of over 300 kinds of specifications. The dump boxes are of different types, such as rectangle shape, U shape, mine loading box, etc. The dump truck has different lifting mechanisms, including double cylinders middle lifting; single cylinder front lifting rear tipping; jointed connecting rod amplifying structure rear tipping; multiple middle cylinders side tipping, etc. With high stiffness and low center of gravity, the box and the sub-frame adopt patented technologies, such as heavy load slow descending, gravity tail gate Auto locking, thus some special functions and performances can be achieved, such tail gas heating, top cover sealing, tailgate compulsive opening device, etc. The dump trucks are being widely used in Mine Explorations, Engineering Development, Road Construction, City Construction as well as National Defense etc. 

            With domestic first class design and production processing, the semi-trailer and Drawbar trailer products, loading from 0.5t to 60t, from single to five axles, cover various types and uses. Including container transport, bulk cargo transport and the above dual purpose transport, this series of products can be used for civilian use, military use and dual purpose use.

            The company is the earliest special chassis manufacturer and the largest workover rig chassis manufacturer in China. It has developed the first 12×8 oil field workover rig chassis, 8×8 missile transport launching truck chassis, 8t full hydraulic truck crane chassis. Now the company has the design production capacity of all series with drive type from 4×2 to 14×12. Its chassis products have been purchased by many countries and regions in America, Africa, Middle East, etc.

            Since 1960s, the company has been military industrial enterprise. It is among the first weapons and equipment manufacturers for the General Armaments Department of PLA. The military products are mainly supplied to Headquarters of the General Staff, the General Armaments Department and the General Logistics Department of PLA, armed police, etc. This series of products include 25-60t heavy duty equipment transport semi-trailer, dump truck, wholly loading and unloading vehicle, bulk cargo transport vehicle at airport, air port loading and unloading platform, service security box sets for field operation, etc.

            With more than 600 sets of advanced equipment, the company possesses domestic advanced processing and manufacturing capacity, and can annually produce thirty thousand dump trucks, semi-trailers and special vehicles. 

            The company has complete inspection equipment, including second level physical & chemical laboratory, three-level national defense metering station, 13t vehicle test line, ultrasonic fault detector, etc. The product quality is strictly controlled during the whole manufacturing process; therefore it can be continuously and steadily improved.  

            Insisting on “Customers first, win-win cooperation” as marketing concept, the company has sound marketing organization, professional marketing talent, complete sales service network. In order to protect the interests of users, promote CNHTC service brand, the service standard has been unified, so as to enable CNHTC to get “Qinren” Service Brand. Its agencies and after-sale service networks are around markets home and abroad; its products are being widely purchased by users from Australia, South America, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa, etc.

            Over the years, the company insists on "Scientific development, rational management, careful operation, to obtain maximum benefit", and has achieved good economic and social benefits. The company has won a lot of honorary titles; the corporate general manager is an excellent entrepreneur, Top Ten Influential Business People and working model in Taian; many employees have gained local and provincial honorary titles.

            "Only when you stand on the top of the highest mountain, you can see others are small.” It is firmly believed that with all levels of strong kind attention, Solid Lead ship, Strong Support from all Governments and the Group, CHINA NATIONAL HEAVY DUTY TRUCK GROUP TAIAN WUYUE SPECIAL VEHICLE CO., LTD is confident, determined and capable of pushing forward to the goal that build a  enterprise and get employees rich, construct the harmonious WUYUE, as Taian Wuyue has some special characteristics, such as Solidarity, Proactivity, Innovation, Loyalty and hard work spirit.