Sinotraffic Participated in the 11th sino-foreign forwarders conference


        From Nov. 4, 2014 to Nov. 7,2014, the 11th Sino-foreign forwarders conference was held in Guangzhou ,The director of sales department Mrs Zhang, the director of oversea department Miss Cindy and Angelia took part in it.

        This conference was held by CIFA and WCA to make it easier for forwarders from more than 150 countries to communicate with each other one on one. And it provided the Chinese logistic companies a good chance and tried to make a best communication platform.

        During these 3 days ,Our managers communicated with more than 50 oversea agents from Africa(Nigeria, Ghana, Tanzania, Kenya, Senegal, Namibia  etc ), South America(Ecuador, venezuela, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, etc), South East(India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, etc) and Middle East(Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, etc).

        The conference had important strategic significance for developing the oversea service and improving our service quality. Pursuit of Excellence, Open the world—in the future ,Sinotraffic will develop better  global service network. Improve the safety and veracity. let their client feel secured, unworried and relieved.