Sinotraffic undertook the transportation of 1028 engineering vehicles of Sinotruk



        It was on Oct 6th, 2014 and it’s a sunny day .There was 400 tractors of Sinotruk on Longkou port to be transported and they looked splendid. With the last tractor driving into the Ro-Ro ship, the 1028 engineering vehicles were fully loaded and prepared to set sail to the other side of the ocean.

        The 1028 engineering vehicles project of Sinotruk was separated into 3 batches. The first was 328, the second was 300 and the third was 400.Because the number of this transportation was enormous and the requirement was very strict, it was a great challenge to the strength and service level of a freight forwarding company.

        After getting the qualification as carrier, the professional logistic team of Sinotraffic worked together, refined every details, tracked every service process, provided clients the best logistic solution wholeheartedly and let them feel secured, unworried and relieved.

        For the successful transportation of 1028 engineering vehicles of Sinotruk Luanda project, we should give special thanks to the trust from Sinotruk Group and the  support of shipping line and Port Authority.

        Aimed to be “Housekeeper-styled logistics service supplier and professional logistics solution supplier”, Qingdao sinotraffic team pursues the goal painstakingly. The successful load of 1028 vehicles was a powerful witness of the professional service of Sinotraffic. It’s our duty to help the Chinese brand be world-known. We should make this as a new start point, be excellence, pioneering and innovative, and make the Chinese brand popular in the world.