Sinotraffic sponsored and participated in the China-Africa Friendship New Year Party of Qingong International Group in 2016.


    On Jan. 16, 2016, Qin Gong China-Africa friendship New Year Party held in Jinan. As Qin Gong's Gold Medal strategic partners, Qingdao Sinotraffic sponsored and participated in the event, which gathered a galaxy of talents and had brilliant programs and continuous awards.

The general manager Mr. Shao Peng, manager WangXiaohui and manager ZhuWenxiang attended this party.

    In 2015, “One Belt One Road” extended to whole Africa. The economic cooperation between China and Africa is getting tight. During the meeting, representatives of Africa countries approved the positive meaning of benefiting both of China and Africa, and inspired to initiate deeper cooperation. Qindgong international group signed friendly agreement with African ambassador who attended the meeting. The marketing center manager Shao Peng went on stage as the sponsor.

    During the party, Sinotraffic had a close conversation with many African ambassadors and counsellors on China-Africa cooperation project, and they achieved many agreements on many projects, and actively explored and laid the Foundation for further cooperation.

    In 2016,Sinotraffic will keep providing services to our nation’s “One Belt One Road” policy and help economic development between China and Africa.