Sinotraffic developing mode is approved and our general manager Sun is also accepted as shipping innovation figure


    On Jan. 8th, 2016, the third shipping innovation meeting was held in Shanghai. Qingdao Sinotraffic Supply Chain Co., Ltd. general manager Sun was rewarded as 2015 shipping innovation character. We hereby appreciate our customers, business partners and friends in this field who support us a lot these years. 

    This meeting is conducted by China transportation association and held by China shipping magazine.  Considering the topic of new blue sea, leaders from government, representative from shipping research institute and companies get together and share innovative experience. More than 300 elites in this field and innovative characters come here and take part in this party.

General manager Sun is accepted as shipping innovation figure(third from the right).

    China shipping innovative personality award, which aims at encouraging innovation typical of the shipping industry and promotes the development of innovation in the shipping industry, has now become a bellwether for the transportation development and solution leader. '2015 China Shipping Innovation Figures' named after three stages--- the candidate recommendation, wechat votes and specialists evaluation. In the end, Chairman Mr. Sun Guocheng relied on a unique, innovative model to win this honor. Former Vice Minister of the Ministry of transportation-- Xu Zuyuan, Deputy Secretary-General of the China communications and Transportation Association, and President of China shipping weekly-- Ni Wei, gave award for the '2015 China Shipping Innovation Figures'.

    During these years, our general manager Sun pays attention to innovation from development as well as development from innovation. And he also initiated special company culture, managing system and business mode. Also his story and innovation story were reported by many famous magazines and also get a broad attention from different social communities.

    Receiving '2015 China Shipping Innovation Figures' is the second recognition by industry and clients for the service levels and innovation abilities of Mr. Sun’s leading Sinotraffic. Delivered with a more positive attitude and dedicated service, Sinotraffic will develop innovation and feel fearless  to build a world-class supply chain, which will serve the strategy of ' One Belt One Road ' and power Chinese equipment manufacturing industry to go global !