Research Group of National Association of Industry and Commerce Study and Guide Work in Sinotraffic


     In the afternoon of Dec.25th, 2015, Vice Minister of the Ministry of National Federation members,Mr.Li Shulin heading the research group came to Qingdao Sinotraffic Supply Chain Co.,Ltd.,had a visit and delivered valuable appraisal in the company of Shandong province Deputy Director of the Federation members, Kong Xiangjin, Qingdao Federation Party secretary, Wang Jichun, Qingdao Federation Vice-President, Zhou Xueyan, Qingdao Deputy Secretary General of Federation, Ding Yi, Qingdao Deputy Director of the Federation members, Zhang Baojun and Qingdao North city Federation Chairman, Jiang Peixia. Staff in Sinotraffic applauded for the coming of leaders, who came from Nation, province, city and district, 4 level.

    Our general manager Sun accompanied the research group visiting the office of Sinotraffic and explained the potential meaning of our LOGO in detail, the service principle of customer oriented and the company culture. The research group appraised us a lot for the tidy office environment, the positive team work spirit and deep company culture atmosphere.

The Chairman---Sun Guocheng introduced the meaning of Sinotraffic Logo

The Chairman---Sun Guocheng introduced the Enterprise Culture and Service Concept to research group.

    The Chairman---Sun Guocheng made a specific report for the research group, which was about the business models and development plans of Sinotraffic. Research group responded positively to the national 'Internet Plus” concept and 'One Belt One Road' strategy of Sinotraffic. Research group encouraged Sinotraffic to keep up the good work and continued to use the Internet to build a modern technology platform for logistics services which could support more high-end equipment manufacturing industry to go out, and help Chinese manufacturing brand to go global.

The Chairman---Sun Guocheng introduced the business models and development plans to research group.

    The study guide of research group gave each Sinotraffic people a tremendous encouragement. And Sinotraffic will take this as an opportunity to play our own advantages, constantly improve our professional level and management level, and further optimize the company's business model, perfect equipment logistics service platform. What’s more, Sinotraffic will observe the 'One Belt One Road' strategy , in order to achieve the outstanding enterprise.