Sinotraffic attended Shandong Automobile Manufacturers Association Event


    On Dec. 12th, 2015, the new year evening party of Shandong province auto accessory conference, that is 2016”Auto Man”, was held in Jinan. Shandong auto accessory retailers, elites in this field, famous entrepreneurs, almost about 500 in total attended the party. Qingdao Sinotraffic, as the professional company dealing with auto accessory in China sponsored and attended this pageant.
     Mr. Zhou, the chairman of chamber of commerce delivered a speech to retrospect the hard experience Quanli accessory heavy city and Shandong auto men have gone through and looked forward to the prosperous development of this field in 2016. After that, the excellent performance came out one by one and the meeting room reached a vigorous atmosphere. There is no doubt that we can see the 5 hours evening party as the new year evening ceremony of auto accessory field.

     There is a complex auto parts name and a various goods. Relying on the KD export Customs operations and supply chain, Qingdao Sinotraffic has a professional team, which accumulated a wealth of auto parts and auto parts classification experience in supply chain management and we could also provide customers with a full range of professional customs service, specifications for the easiest inspection parts, in order to make sure the smoother customs clearance of the goods. Currently, Sinotraffic has become one of the most specialized logistics providers in domestic auto parts export.

     Accompanied by a change of structure of the auto parts industry, global auto parts sourcing is becoming a global trend. In view of the size of the manufacturing and characteristics of high quality and low price, for some time in the future, China's auto parts industry will continue to consider export and internationalization as main theme. Sinotraffic will continue to seize the new opportunity for the development of auto parts exports to help more Chinese brand to go global.