The mascots of Sinotraffic show its first appearance


    On Nov. 15, 2015, Sinotraffic mascots were announced ceremoniously at the 5th Anniversary Ceremony. They are endearing spray brothers and sisters---Xiaotai and Xiaotong.

Sinotraffic Mascots Image 1

     The name of Xiaotai and Xiaotong comes from Sinotraffic. Their prototypes are waves in the ocean. Wave is the spirit in the ocean; they guide and watch over vessels sailing in the sea. They imply Sinotraffic is the leader of logistics industry, dedicated to escort the cargo of customers.

     Xiaotai is a boy whose overall color is ocean blue and Xiaotong is a girl whose overall color is orange. Both color echoes with the company standard color, meanwhile blue represents the color of the ocean, which means Sinotraffic forges ahead in the logistics and transport of sharp wave in the ocean. Orange represents the ocean color that Sinotraffic passes in the morning sun, meaning we will move forward to a bright future.

 Sinotraffic Mascots Image 2

    There are two waves on the heads of mascot, which are changed from the Sinotraffic LOGO. Xiaotai wears the sailor suit attaching an anchor mark in front, which stands for that we are the logistic manager of our customer, just like the sailor on the vessel, and protecting the security of goods all the time. Xiaotong wears a wave dress attaching the Sinotraffic LOGO in front, which could strengthen the distinguishing degree of our company.

    Xiaotai and Xiaotong step forward hand in hand, which indicates we Sinotraffic family members work together and never give up.

    Sinotraffic will be prosperous and have a brilliant future---Xiaotai and Xiaotong transfer our sincere hope for days ahead and they are the symbol of our Sinotraffic member. Also we hope they can broadcast the Sinotraffic qualities further.