Our Culture

Company Duty
Provide enterprises with professional logistic solution,Help Chinese brands popular in the world,Make effects to the economic globlization!

Company Positioning
Housekeeper-styled logistics service supplier and professional  logistics solution supplier.

Company Vision
Become a leader in global logistics industry.

Core Values
Customer orientation, results exchange, reverence toward regulations, sense of responsibility, team spirit, gratitude and caring.

Six Codes of Conduct
Integrity service, being professional and vocational, open up and sharing, simple and pragmatic, efficient and enterprising, striving for excellent.

Customer Principle
Forward to us,Easier to transport!

Supplier Principle
Share the future with hand and heart!


              Promotion ceremony                             Rites of enhancement                      Recite"The Rules for Students"


                    Team Show                                         Master ceremony                                      Shoot the MV