Bulk Ship
        Bulk ship is short for bulk ships, is designed to transport goods without dressing,such as coal,ore,timber,livestock,grain,etc.. Ships are transported grain, coal, ore, salt, cement and other dry bulk cargoes in bulk can be called dry bulk vessels or bulk ship.With a bulk cargo ship transporting vehicles and machinery equipment, bulk cargo ship usually ships cement, steel, plywood and other large bottom cargo weight at bottom of ship,and then on top of the bottom cargo or stowages lightweight bulky goods on deck such as vehicles, equipment, etc.

        The advantages of Ro-Ro ship transportation The characteristics of Ro-Ro ship are convenient, fast, capacity transport and flexible loading. The advantages are high efficiency unloading, cargo security, not relying port lifting equipment and strong adaptability. In the Ro-Ro ship, all the cargos are equipped in the cabin. It is rare to see the cargo loading on the deck. In the actual international trade of motors and machinery equipment, especially in the case of the L/C presentation of documents, it is easy to issue clean bill of lading, so as to the presentation of documents and negotiating. The accuracy of laycan and transit time can control the time of transporting and the process of ocean shipping.


        Our company's characteristics and advantages in Ro-Ro ship transportation agency Our company engaged in Ro-Ro ship transportation agency in the beginning of foundation. We are keeping close communication and good relations of cooperation with masters and their agencies all around the world after operating many years in this trade. Our special lines cover the major auto mechanical equipment export counties, like Southeast Asia, the Middle East, South America, East and West Africa and so on. These countries can offer plenty shipping space, competitive price, professional dock and custom service to client, providing one package service like port of loading, customs clearance, voyage tracking etc.

Cases Of Bulk Ship